Bridging the Divide in Climate Change Politics

Posted Feb 22, 2021

  When two opposing forces tug at the same rope, it often results in stalemate where neither side wins and no progress is made. With this in mind, Sandip Lalli explains how to  depolarize climate politics.

Move Forward with Business Transformation 

Posted Feb 19, 2021

  Amit Patel shares an article that reveals how important it is for organizations to change – or be changed.

Channel Partner Management Insights

Posted Feb 18, 2021

  Bart Schwartz shares several downloadable PDFs on channel partner management.

How to Move Your Organization towards High Performance

Posted Feb 17, 2021

  Braden Weinstock provides an article which identifies the problems that arise when designing an organization for high performance and offers key steps you can take to manage the machine and teach it to your team.

Fighting the Ego Trap

Posted Feb 16, 2021

  Barry Robbins identifies a most common but subtle leadership trap and the root of adoption failures.

Improving the Bottom Line in Food Costs 

Posted Feb 15, 2021

  From Arnaud Quetin’s company blog, a post that explains how to reduce costs in the food value chain and provides a recipe to improve the bottom line.

Why AI Is the Way to Go

Posted Feb 10, 2021

  Amit Patel shares an article that explains how agile transformation can improve operational performance and why manufacturing plants should move towards becoming smart factories.

An Organizational Agility Maturity Model

Posted Feb 9, 2021

  Akshat Prasad shares a comprehensive white paper from his company’s website that explains what it means to be an agile organization, measuring organizational agility, defining where the agility needs to be and creating a road map to get there.

How to Avoid the Red Light in Project Management

Posted Feb 8, 2021

  Jerry Julian explains the underlying factors that lead to project failure and identifies the key to avoiding the red light on the project management dashboard.

How Human-centered Design Is Key to Growth in Uncertain Times

Posted Feb 3, 2021

  Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still affecting business and it is far from usual. Fortunately, Sandrine Kram explains how human-centered design may turn this situation into the opportunity to develop the mindset and skills required to strive in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous).

Life Lessons from the Historical American Inauguration

Posted Feb 2, 2021

  With the recent inauguration still fresh in our minds, Lakshmi Natarajan shares a few life lessons we can take from this historical event and instill in the next generation.

Key Points for Performance Improvement 

Posted Feb 1, 2021

  In this article, Eduardo Chavez offers key steps that can be taken to improve process and productivity and help outperform your competitors.

A Post-Covid Plan for Insurance Companies

Posted Jan 27, 2021

  Chitranjan Sood provides six practical steps insurers should prioritize to stay ahead of the competition in a post Covid-19 environment.

A Churn Checkup List

Posted Jan 26, 2021

  Dan Balcauski shares a post that explains why these seven benchmarks will help you understand the healthy of your retention rate metrics.

Telehealth Trends for Patients and Providers

Posted Jan 25, 2021

  Liliana Petrova shares an article from a series on the trends and tactics of customer experience. This post takes a closer look at the patient experience and what telehealth means for the future.

Key Steps to Move Your Business Forward

Posted Jan 20, 2021

  In this concisely helpful article, Livia Jenvey explains three ways to move your business forward in 2021.