Crossing the Pricing Chasm

Posted Mar 30, 2021

  Bjorn Willemsens shares a white paper from his company that offers a roadmap to pricing excellence.

Productive Mindshifts

Posted Mar 29, 2021

  Brian Dapelo shares a post that identifies four mind-shift approaches that can help you become a better problem solver. 

Crypto – Why It Matters

Posted Mar 24, 2021

  Braden W. Weinstock provides a crash course on what crypto is, why it matters, and also shares resources for those who want to dive deeper.

Practical Steps to Guide the Processes of Change

Posted Mar 23, 2021

  Arnaud Quetin shares a post from his company’s blog on practical ideas that can help business change processes of all kinds, including organization, business model, strategy, and culture.

Stimulating Innovation in the New Normal

Posted Mar 22, 2021

Anuj Sharma shares a few tips on creating an environment to support the team back into the office and encourage innovation.

Drones in the New Era of Work

Posted Mar 17, 2021

  Amit Patel identifies the many industries that will use and do use drones; and how drones will impact the existing supply chain model. 

Board Matters

Posted Mar 16, 2021

  In this post, Allan Steinmetz examines the responsibilities of the Board of Directors. He shares the facts regarding employee engagement and why it is critical to operations, the Board of Directors, and CEOs.

An Exploration of the Experience Economy

Posted Mar 15, 2021

  Lisa G. Morris explores the Experience Economy; most specifically, what it means for business, organizations, employees, and consumers. She identifies the gaps and how to close them.

Prepare to Pivot

Posted Mar 10, 2021

  Brad VanAuken shares a post that explains how to pivot your business during COVID-19.

Key Integration Planning Points

Posted Mar 9, 2021

  Abhishek Singh shares a post that outlines the path to successful integrations between companies.

Reduce Risk and Cost

Posted Mar 8, 2021

  Livia Jenvey shares an article that explains how mitigating risk in your operational supply chain is an easy cost reduction strategy. 

A Guide to Business Alignment 

Posted Mar 3, 2021

  Business alignment can happen, and this post from Brian Loomis provides key guideposts along the road of implementing the business relationship function.

How an Intra-family Loan Could Work for You

Posted Mar 2, 2021

  Brian Sheahan explains how an intra-family loan can help families and beneficiaries meet a variety of borrowing, wealth transfer, and wealth accumulation goals in more flexible ways than using commercial borrowing.

Future of Work – A View on the Changes to Come

Posted Mar 1, 2021

  Edwina Pike shares a white paper on the future of work. Humans hate uncertainty, we feel out of control. The future of work is uncertain and unclear whilst organizations work out their new normal and how brave they are going to be. For those that just want the quick summary; it is going to

A Message on Sustainability in a Love Bottle

Posted Feb 24, 2021

  Carolina Miranda Shares an inspiring story and provides real-life examples of sustainability in action.

21 Ways to Overcome Work from Home Burnout 

Posted Feb 23, 2021

  Many people working from home (WFH) may experience the negative effects of  burnout, isolation, and zoom fatigue. However, Gleb Tsipursky has shared a white paper that lists the many problems leading to WFH burnout and offers solutions that may be helpful. He has also provided links to additional information on the potential danger of