Key Steps to Move Your Business Forward

Posted Jan 20, 2021

  In this concisely helpful article, Livia Jenvey explains three ways to move your business forward in 2021.

Three Ways to Overcome Cognitive Bias

Posted Jan 19, 2021

  Vincent Chun explains how cognitive bias favors familiar tools and provides a few tips to overcome it in the workplace.

How to Achieve Success in Decision Making

Posted Jan 13, 2021

  Leo Quilty provides a post that explains the success factors in effective and efficient decision making.

How to Make Your Presentations Unforgettable (in a good way)

Posted Jan 12, 2021

  Rakesh Chaudhary shares an article that demonstrates how to make a slide demonstration unforgettable with before and after examples to illustrate how it can be achieved.

The Numbers on the New Covid Strain – What You Should Know

Posted Jan 11, 2021

  Gleb Tsipursky recently published an article on Common Dreams that issues a timely warning on the new Covid-19 strain.

Key Steps to Help Your Business Address Racism

Posted Jan 6, 2021

  With 2021 continuing the conversation on inclusion and diversity, Carolina Miranda shares an article that explains how companies can move from words to action to address systemic racism.

Enterprise Architecture Artefacts Explained

Posted Jan 5, 2021

  Brian W. Loomis provides an article and short PDF, showing some of the varied ways that Enterprise Architecture typically works from the business value and customer experience discussions with project sponsors, and creates design artifacts and guidance for the implementation teams.

Tackle Tokenism with these Key Steps

Posted Jan 4, 2021

  Coonoor Behal shares a few key tactics on how to address internal inequities, unlock more creativity, and avoid falling into the trap of tokenism.

Leadership that Connects

Posted Dec 30, 2020

  As the coronavirus continues to plague the globe, many remote workers feel the impact of isolation. Allan Steinmetz explains how leaders can establish bonds of disconnectedness to ensure that even though we are apart, we are not alone.

Measure It to Manage It

Posted Dec 29, 2020

  Christine Tringale shares an article that explains how organizations can leverage data to support racial equity efforts.

Tips to Excel in 2021 from those Who Did in 2020

Posted Dec 28, 2020

  Livia Jenvey helps you start the year on the right foot with this article that shares some of the lessons learned from organizations who were able to excel in 2020.

The Art of Deal Making: Using External Expertise Effectively

Posted Dec 23, 2020

  Brian Buss shares a report that has compiled information from 50 IR Global professionals in the legal, accountancy and financial sectors who are key to ensuring that an M&A deal is successful, providing all parties seek the right advice.

Helping You Develop the Brand Plan 

Posted Dec 22, 2020

  Brad VanAuken has created a course that will teach you how to create a strategic and actionable brand plan. It includes a brand plan template, and possible brand objectives, strategies, and tactics.

Sexual Harassment and the Self-employed

Posted Dec 21, 2020

  Amanda Wright takes on the difficult topic of women in consulting and sexual harassment; she candidly shares a personal story to highlight how this issue can be even more difficult for self-employed women.

Six Steps towards Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Posted Dec 16, 2020

  In this article for Forbes, Lauren Spagnola-Robins identifies six steps you can take to deploy diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives without stretching your budget.

How to See the Blind Spots in Your Business

Posted Dec 15, 2020

  Saumya Ganguly provides an article that explains how to find all the hidden assumptions that will crash a business.

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