Agile Ways of Working

Posted Sep 15, 2021

Thomas Martin provides an article on the evolution of the agile movement from software development projects to business agility.

Build HR for Business Growth

Posted Sep 14, 2021

In this article, Yuri Kruman provides ten ways to rebuild HR to support fast growth and happy employees.

Extracting Big Value from Small Data

Posted Sep 13, 2021

Yusuf Moolla shares an article that explains how auditors can extract value from small datasets. 

Innovation Advantage for Hybrid Teams

Posted Sep 8, 2021

Gleb Tsipursky shares an article that offers advice on how to use virtual brainstorming to keep innovation wheels turning with hybrid and remote teams in the future of work

Stop Customer Loss

Posted Sep 7, 2021

Brad Hollingsworth shares three key steps you can take to stop losing customers.

A View on the Asset Management Industry

Posted Sep 6, 2021

Chitranjan Sood shares an article on the asset management industry and explains why it is on the cusp of transformation.

Signpost to Action

Posted Sep 1, 2021

If you were looking for a sign to do that thing you’ve been avoiding, this is it. Lekisha Middleton’s blog on overcoming procrastination.

Key Points in Customer Segmentation for SaaS Pricing

Posted Aug 31, 2021

Dan Balcauski shares an article on customer segmentation for SaaS pricing and identifies the five criteria for effective segmentation.

An Independent Consultant’s Roadmap

Posted Aug 30, 2021

David Zhao shares a post that explains how to navigate life in the independent consulting networks.

Has Your Organization Forgotten this Risk Management Assessment?

Posted Aug 25, 2021

Jeffrey Popova-Clark shares an article on data analytics and the forgotten methods of enterprise risk assessment.

Five Change Management Lessons

Posted Aug 24, 2021

In this article from Emily Carr, she explains why having a strong Change Management approach is more important than ever to motivate people to move forward toward the “new cheese”.

The Dog-Eat-Dog World of M&A

Posted Aug 23, 2021

In this podcast from Elliott Holland, he explains why buying and selling companies is a barbaric sport.

Four Steps to Adjust Territories

Posted Aug 18, 2021

Barry Witonsky provides an article that outlines four steps that add up to seven percent growth.

Top Companies Do This

Posted Aug 17, 2021

Amit Patel shares a post that identifies a strategy undertaken by top companies to ensure they maintain their position. 

The Benefits of Tracking Time

Posted Aug 16, 2021

Barbara Carkenord addresses the excuses made to avoid tracking time and identifies the benefits of doing it.

Leadership and Conviction

Posted Aug 12, 2021

Edwina Pike shares a post on the impact of leaders, the importance of conviction, and simplifying your messages.

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