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Veritux connects the world’s top independent professionals.

We take our name from the Latin words, veritas (truth) and dux (guide), as our members seek to be true guides to their clients.

By connecting with one another, Veritux members build relationships, share lessons learned, and discover opportunities to collaborate, allowing us to serve our clients better.


Jennifer Musser
New York, NY
BS, Villanova University
Marsh & McLennan
Zolfo Cooper
JLM & Associates Consulting
Carolyn Schwitter
Zürich, Switzerland
BA, University of Rochester
Independent Professional
Patrick Coval
Rochester, NY
MBA, University of Rochester
United Airlines
Independent Professional
Philip Watt
London, England
Chris Relyea
New York, NY
MBA, Columbia
FMR Group
Capital Partners
Frank S Parise, Jr.
Tucson, AZ
MAS, University of Illinois
The Estes Co
ASR Investments Corp
Independent Professional
Gil Rosenthal
New York, NY
MBA, NYU Stern
American Express
Rosenthal Strategic Consulting
Matthias von Wnuk-Lipinski
Cologne, Germany
BA, Saarland University
Juergens Mgmt Consultants

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Thought Leadership

Addressing Racism in Canada

Posted Aug 5, 2021

In the wake of the news about the unmarked and unknown mass burials of children at residential schools, Amanda Wright shares a post that identifies key steps you can take to address racism towards indigenous people who survived, or whose families survived, residential schools in Canada.

When Life Experience Adds Up

Posted Aug 3, 2021

Adrienne Ostroff provides a post that shares personal experiences and how that translates to her business as an actuary.

The Benefits of Chat and How it Boosts Business

Posted Aug 2, 2021

Alexis Neal shares an article that identifies the benefits conversational commerce could have for your business.

Strategies to Leverage Skills and Embed Agility

Posted Jul 21, 2021

  In this article published in Forbes, Tonushree Mondal shares three strategies to leverage skills in your workforce that will help your organisation weave agility into the culture.

Unleashed Podcast

Episode 431: Samantha Saperstein on Women on the Move

07/30/2021 Samantha Saperstein has an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from Wharton, she is a McKinsey alum, and is now a managing director at JPMorgan Chase. In this episode, Sam talks about the Women on the Move program and how it helps women thrive professionally and start businesses. You can learn more about the program on Read full episode