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Veritux connects the world’s top independent professionals.

We take our name from the Latin words, veritas (truth) and dux (guide), as our members seek to be true guides to their clients.

By connecting with one another, Veritux members build relationships, share lessons learned, and discover opportunities to collaborate, allowing us to serve our clients better.


Julie Anne McAdams
Atlanta, GA
BS, U of Florida
Huron Consulting Group
Revenue Analytics
Gibson Consulting Group
Independent Professional
Christopher Whitman
New York, NY
BA, Fairleigh Dickinson U
Ernst & Young
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Independent Professional
Lynne Morton
Miami, FL
MA, Georgetown University
Marsh & McLennan Cos.
Independent Professional
Jose Maciel
Washington, D.C.
LLM, American University
Independent Professional
Steffen Meyer
Minneapolis, MN
MBA, Columbia
Custom Lightning
Trent Green
Raleigh, NC
MAC, UNC Chapel Hill
Tax Director Services
Margaret Livingston
Houston, TX
BA, Baylor University
ExxonMobil Chemical
Magnolia Peak Consulting.
Colin Taylor
New York, NY
BSc, Plymouth University
Maersk Group
Cleaca Consulting

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Thought Leadership

Save Time and Cost with Early Equipment Management

Posted Aug 14, 2019

Pete Hibbs identifies the advantages, methodology, and process of starting an asset care process at a much earlier stage, as part of Early Equipment Management (EEM).

Achieve Agility with Kaizen Techniques

Posted Aug 13, 2019

John Roberts provides three techniques to keep you and your team agile.

The Art of Negotiation

Posted Aug 12, 2019

Fernando Penteado identifies solid steps that can help improve your negotiation skills.

Finding Inspiration in between Pulp Fiction and Pudding

Posted Aug 7, 2019

In this recent interview with Chicago Toy and Game Week, Leila Nosrati gives sound advice to inventors who are presenting new toy or game ideas.

Unleashed Podcast

Episode 194: Spish Rurak on how to successfully transition out of a top-tier consulting firm

08/12/2019 Our guest today is Zbigniew “Spish” Rurak, who has served as a career transition coach to several thousand management consultants as they left top-tier global firms. In this episode, Spish shares observations on how to best prepare to transition out of a big firm and how to manage a successful job search. Read full episode